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  A Man of Mystery

Not really. Here is a bit about him: Vince was born in Denver, Colorado in 1986 and would be the first of two children, the other being his younger sister.  At a young age, Vince was always obsessed with the wonder of the world around him and loved to learn.  Throughought  the younger years, Vince would put on skits for his family members and stuffed animals, which included many feats of death-defying peril involving afformentioned stuffed animals.  Vince made his theatrical debut in the third grade in a production of James and the Giant Peach, a performance for which he received rave reviews from all the family members that were forced to attend.

As Vince began high school, he was firmly set on becoming a mechanical engineer.  He then decided to audition for a play in order to appear more well rounded on his future college applications.  After successfully being cast Vince spent the next four years falling deeply in love with Shakespeare.  Then, on his 18th birthday, Vince decided to forgo the life of a wealthy engineer and pursue the life of an actor.  He attended Southern Utah University and, although not Mormon, enjoyed his time there.  He had the privilege of being seen on stage in such roles as Ariel in The Pillowman, Trigorin in The Seagull and King Henry in Henry V.    

During his stay in Utah, besides developing a deep hatred of snow, Vince became fascinated with film.   This lead to him applying, and being admitted into California State Univeristy Los Angeles' MFA program in Television, Film and Theatre Acting.   Vince moved out to California and over the next three years lived and breathed film and theatre.   During this duration, he appeared onstage many times including accidently auditioning for—and being cast as—the lead in the musical She Loves Me (he had no idea he could actually sing).   Vince also performed in dozens of films including the award winning short film Quitter.  His final film at CSULA was his thesis project Love Offline, a film that he co-wrote, co-produced and starred in.

Vince continues to live and work in Los Angeles.      




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